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Please be aware our hotel phone line is mostly unattended. Please call/text our spa cell number only: 808-635-8078


Before booking and arriving for your service, please be aware of our updated COVID-19 procedures:


• Non-residents or if you’ve recently traveled: Please show proof that you’ve completed your mandatory 14 day quarantine.

• Same day appointments are not available at this time. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your appointment request.

• You'll receive a release form via email to digitally sign and return on the day of your appointment.


• Please check your temperature the day of your appointment. Your temperature will also be taken upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of  99 degrees or above needs to stay home. Call right away so we can cancel your slot. If your temperature is above 99 degrees upon arrival your appointment you will be refused. Our staff is also checking their temperatures daily and will not work with a temp over 99 degrees.


• Please arrive 10 min before your scheduled time. Use the hotel bathroom and wait either in your car or in the hotel lobby for us to text you that we’re ready for you to enter the spa.


• Please know, we’ve missed you like crazy and would love to give out all the hugs and kisses, but only air hugs and kisses at this time please.


• Once you’re brought into the spa, please remove your shoes in the waiting area. We’ll then bring you into the treatment room where you’ll need to wash your hands. Your therapist will wash their hands again after you've re-entered the room and you’re comfortably settled on the massage table. 


• It’s our policy, past and present, to refuse service to clients with a fever or cold/flu-like symptoms. This policy is to protect the health and safety of our employees and other clients. If you’re experiencing ANY symptoms, stay home and reschedule your appointment! If there’s any doubt, reschedule. 


• In booking an appointment, and arriving for your service, you’re agreeing that you do not have a fever or any cold or flu-like symptoms and that you have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has been sick or been exposed to anyone that’s tested positive for COVID-19 and that you have not traveled within the last 14 days. 


• All guests are expected to arrive, depart and maintain face coverings. You must wear a mask during treatments. No gaiters or masks that have valves are allowed. Please understand, our supplies are very limited and currently we can not provide masks. If you require a mask you will be charged $10 for a blue surgical mask. The most comfortable masks for a treatment are the blue surgical mask. Please bring it with you. If you’d like to re-use this mask, you can place it in a paper bag after your treatment and close it up for 48 hours, at which time it’s safe to re-use.


• All therapists and staff must wear face masks.


• We are currently only offering 60 min services as required by our insurance agreement. We are not offering couples services at this time. 


• We do not have a receptionist at this time. We’re providing contactless payments only. You’ll need to put a card on file at the time of booking and once your service is complete the card will be charged including a 20% gratuity (if you'd like to add additional gratuity you can request at the completion of your service). Any product purchases can be easily added to your contactless payment order as well. 


• At this time, we can only email receipts. 


• Sneeze / cough protocol: If you need to sneeze or cough, please let your therapist know so they can leave the room, and they will do the same. Please cover any cough or sneeze even with your face covering on. 


• As much as we’d love to chat in session, we’ve been advised to keep talking to a minimum to reduce respiratory droplets. 


• Appointment times will be staggered to limit the number of clients arriving and departing at the same time.


• If someone is in the lobby at the time of your arrival, please wait outside the spa in the hotel lobby before entering the spa. Our space is very small and we want to respect social distancing guidelines.


• No one may accompany guests into the spa unless out of medical necessity.


• Please limit the items brought into the building to essential items only – car keys, water bottle, etc.


• Please bring your own water bottle. We’re not allowed to offer any beverages, including water, before or after your treatment at this time.


• We’re required to keep a record of all guests visiting us for a minimum of 6 months in case they are needed for contract tracing purposes.


• All of our massage tables are heated but please be aware we will not be using blankets in our treatments. They are not able to be bleached so we're not using them at this time. You will always be draped during your session with a sheet and towel.


• We have Coway AP-1512HH Mighty air purifiers for each massage room. The purification technique is a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.


• We’re taking extra precautions to ensure all touched surfaces including face cradles, door handles, chairs, and light switches are sanitized between each client visit. We use alcohol and recommended disinfectants throughout the facility. Between each treatment, the disinfectant will be left on all surfaces for the required time to ensure everything has been sterilized for each client. 

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